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That's What She Said... 

What started in 2017 as a small group of witty women, has grown into a force of funny people across the South. Laugh Lab is more than a comedy class  - it's a community.
But don't take it from me, take it from what these Laugh Labbers had to say: 

Jaye Liptak Laugh Lab Graduate

Lace has created something so incredible with this class. She’s a killer comedian, enthusiastic comedy cheerleader and one of the best teachers you could ever ask for. Her energy is as abundant as her laughs. She’ll give you the tools and the confidence to slay a huge audience and you’ll get whiplash from how skilled you become in six weeks. Seasoned comedians and women who’ve never held a microphone in their lives take her class and everyone comes out a stone cold room killer. If you have ever enjoyed making another person laugh, you need to take this class and show yourself what you’re capable of. I was SO nervous about this class and am SO glad I took the plunge. Do it. You’ll kick yourself for not taking this class when you had the chance.

Jaye Boyer Liptak

Janaki Tambe Laugh Lab Graduate

You can go into any comedy club in Atlanta and find out that the instructors are funny, smart, and talented. But you have to take Laugh Lab to realize what great teachers they are - they work hard and inspire students - every week you come in wanting to deliver. I highly recommend taking this class - it's challenging, you'll learn a lot, and it's FUN.

Janaki Tambe

Aurea Young Laugh Lab Graduate

Lace's class is EVERYTHING! The first class I told all the ladies about my 2 and half hour drive from Augusta, and everyone, including Lace, offered me a place to stay for the night. Where does that happen? Only in a class full of women! Lace is a BAWSE at what she does. I gained so much knowledge about joke writing, stand up technique, and the comedy industry. She also gave me the courage stop doubting myself and to pursue comedy with full force. I am no longer intimidated to be the only female comic in a line up because I know I have the knowledge and the skill to command any stage I step on. I love Lace and all the bad ass female comics in the Laugh Lab community. Worth the investment and drive! 

Aurea Young

NEVER CAN THERE BE A STRONGER RECOMMENDATION. What an excellent class even for someone with stage fright! Formed a wonderful bond and grew so much. Always grateful.

Hana Yvonne Laugh Lab Graduate

Hana Yvonne

Patricia Forehand Laugh Lab Graduate

Lace really knows how to bring out the funny in her students. She is a positive female role model for aspiring comics. She embraces things that make each of her students unique and helps them to bring these things to the forefront in their comedy. It was a two hour drive to get TO this class every week. I would do it all over again. It was well worth the drive!

Patricia Forehand

Kristy Ingram Laugh Lab Graduate

I took the class because I wanted to be able to talk in front of a crowd and not feel like I was going to die. I have horrible stage fright! Lace's class not only helped me overcome my fears but helped me discover my inner comic. Because of this class I am a better presenter for my employer, a better salesperson, and I am more confident when I speak. Worth every penny!
This class is so empowering, I am looking forward to Laugh Lab 2!

Kristy Ingram

Kim Bryant Laugh Lab Graduate

Lace takes something that is arguably one of the scariest things you can imagine doing - stand up comedy - and breaks it down until it feels easy! She creates such a supportive environment in class, and she makes it clear from day one that her goal is to make you look good. And she delivers on that! Do yourself a favor and take this class. You won’t regret it!

Kim Bryant

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